To simplify the ordering of our sheet music and the new CD products we have added an on-line ordering option to the web site. You can still search our stock in the normal manner but now the results pages offer an option to tag any items that you wish to order. When you've finished you can fill in a form on-line and your order will be sent to us. The sections below explain the operation in more detail:

How does it work

The on-line ordering is linked to the existing catalogue search facilities. A typical ordering session would go something like:
  1. Search the catalogue for a particular item
  2. Select the quantity you want ( defaults to 1 ) and click the order button on the right hand side of the search results.
  3. Your current order is then displayed. You can edit the quantities of any item, delete any item or return to the search results.
  4. Once you've found and ordered all the items, click on the view / place order link on the top right hand corner of each screen to check the final order.
  5. If you're happy then click the Place Order link at the bottom of the screen.
  6. You'll then be asked to complete a final form which requests your name and address and your credit card details. Once this form is submitted your order will be sent to us.

What about security

Security of your personal and credit information is very important to us. Here are some of the key issues which we've addressed with our on-line ordering:


To add any item to your order will require cookies to be enabled in your browser. The reason for this is that using a cookie is the simplest and most secure way of keeping track of your order as you navigate through the catalogue screens. The cookie keeps no personal information about you - it's just a reference that the web site uses to store your order on disk until you're ready to finally place that order. The cookie is never stored on your computer's hard disk and will be deleted from the computer's memory when you exit from your browser. ( For the technically minded the cookie is a random number generated by the process id and the time on the web server ). For an independent view on cookies have a look here or here.

Credit card submission

Our view is that sending a credit card number to a reputable on-line business is probably safer than handing over your card in some restaurants. However for additional security the web page that asks for your personal details uses a technique called Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ) to encrypt the data transfer between you and the web server. Have a look here for more details on SSL. You can tell the secure parts of the site by one or more of the following:

  • The URLs will start with https:// rather than http://
  • Your browser may inform you that the data transfer is now encrypted
  • At the bottom right hand corner of Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers the little padlock icon will be closed showing a secure link.

Your credit card number will not be stored on our system. Instead, the credit card number will be split into two 8 digit numbers. The first selection of 8 numbers will be stored in the database and the second selection of 8 numbers will be emailed directly to the Allegro website administrator (shop owner). On the server your order details are stored in a secured database. Any confirmation mail or subsequent queries that we send back to you will not contain your credit card number. Naturally your credit card will not be charged until we despatch your order.

Other points

Cookies and secure web pages are only used if you decide to order any items. If you want to just search the catalogue for information then neither of these features will be used.

What happens if I have problems

If you have any problems using the on-line system or are still worried about any aspect of the system then get in touch with us directly. Details are here.